Panel Discussion

(日本語) 翻訳:

Introducing the Prize Winners

TAMAYA (MC)  ─────  Thank you, jurors, for your comments. I would now like to introduce the prize winners who are here with us today. When I call your name, please come to the stage and say a few words: Honorable Mention winner, Yuko HIROSAWA; Juror’s Special Prize winner, Chikako GOTO; Juror’s Special Prize winner, Rabea Gebler; Juror’s Special Prize winner, ZHANG Siyi.

HIROSAWA  ─────  My name is Yuko HIROSAWA from Niigata Prefecture. I usually make lacquer furniture and accessories. Thank you for this precious prize, it was very stimulating for me and I will continue with my efforts. Thank you again.

TAMAYA (MC)  ─────  Thank you very much. Next is Ms Chikako GOTO.

GOTO  ─────  I’m Chikako GOTO and I usually work on chinkin (gold-inlayed lacquerwork) in Wajima. I am very sorry that my sense of direction was on full display today and it took me four hours to get to the venue. I’m so sorry about my delay and I am very grateful to receive this wonderful prize. Thank you for selecting my work as the Juror’s Special Prize winner.

TAMAYA (MC)  ─────  Next Rabea GEBLER.

GEBLER  ─────  I’m Rabea GEBLER from Germany. I am currently studying at the Ishikawa Prefectural Training Institute of Wood Turning. Thank you for the prize.

TAMAYA (MC)  ─────  Thank you. Lastly, ZHANG Siyi, please say a few words.

ZHANG  ─────  My name is ZHANG Siyi from Kanazawa College of Art. Thank you for the prize, I am very happy to receive it. I will continue to do my best, thank you.

TAMAYA (MC)   ─────  Thank you. Please give them another round of applause.