Panel Discussion

(日本語) 翻訳:

Gold Prize winners (two works)(2/2)

TAMAYA(MC)  ─────  Next, the Gold Prize winner for the Design Category, “Nanako-Nuri Large Dish ‘Shugen.’” We would like Ms YAMADA to make some comments.

YAMADA  ─────  Congratulations. When I found this work at the Final Assessment venue, I felt so glad to be able to participate in this event. The traditional Japanese lifestyle has changed dramatically. I think it very important to hand down traditional Japanese culture to the present and on to the next generation. However, the question of how to go about this is quite difficult, not only in Japan, but also all over the world.

When you open the lid of the container, you can use the small parts to store food. This is made with great care by the artist. My first thought was – “With such tableware, I could enjoy a beautiful New Year.” I’m afraid that many Japanese people have lost the traditional tokonoma alcove in their homes, just as they are losing places to arrange tableware for Japanese dishes. Despite this situation, the creator was able to rationally form a beautiful new style of tradition. As soon as I entered the venue, I was sure that the Assessment would put me in a good mood.

Well, how should one use the “Large Dish?” I, myself, imagined it in many ways. The lid can be a large dish upon which to arrange Japanese food. When the lid is taken off, there are small black boxes where more precise details are applied. The problem of bridging traditional culture with the future is a constant problem, however, the artist of this work has beautifully summarized the best points of tradition in a modern form. Usually, this is used as a small alcove. If the alcove has a little space, it can be used as a place to express the changing seasons. To welcome guests this could be brought to the dining table where food is arranged. The saying “One container of diverse purposes” is symbolized by this work. I would like to use it myself and I have recommended it to many young people.

I have been a juror for the Final Assessment several times. I feel younger generations have provided new ways of living toward the future, which stimulates them to start a new culture in Japan. At the same time, quite a few people have come to Japan from abroad to study urushi. They express themselves through the use of urushi. I hope each county’s characteristics will be mingled and find their own way. I also hope they will have opportunities to express themselves in the urushi field. I wish you success.

金賞 七々子塗盛器「朱玄」

Nanako-Nuri Large Dish “Shugen”
W100 × D18 × H13
白川 明美
SHIRAKAWA, Akimi (Japan)