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Comments on the Jurors’ Special Prize Winners(2/4)

漆 TABLEWARE Series "F" Urushi Tableware Series "F"

漆 TABLEWARE Series “F”
Urushi Tableware Series “F”
W42 × D30 × H18
石井 昭
ISHII, Akira (Japan)

Shinichi YAMAMURA  ───── My Special Prize goes to ‘Urushi Tableware Series “F”’ by Akira ISHII.
I assume that “F” is an abbreviation for “Fiber.” As I mentioned before, he makes ingenious use of the materials. To make tableware, the artist arranged Kraft paper into a cylindrical shape and strengthened it by applying a mixture of cellulose nanofibers and Urushi to the surface. If you put handles on tableware for functional reasons, it is often difficult to get a good shape. I think it is better not to have handles, as having tried many different ways, in the end I often remove them from my works.
However, in his case, he makes good use of the handles. As each piece of his tableware is a truncated cone, the handles fit in exactly the right angle and line. In addition, it fits comfortably in my hand when I hold it. Any piece of the tableware is easy to carry and the teapot is easy to pour. When you stack some pieces of this tableware, you can enjoy another feature as a new table display.
In general, at the tableware department when you display tableware by arranging the pieces side by side, the display looks so flat and dull without any irregularity. The display lacks power. It needs something tall and they tend to set a tall vase of flowers with it. However, in the case of this tableware, you can create a three-dimensional object simply by stacking it. He utilizes function and shape to great effect and also makes the best use of the Urushi coating on the inexpensive Kraft paper. Urushi ware without wooden substrates might start to appear on the market. This is also one of the more innovative proposals.
I am impressed that he came up with such a good idea because it feels so comfortable to hold. He has developed the Urushi Kraft paper together with Meiji University, so that they would pursue product development and could even apply for a patent. This is an original material development of Urushi and I can see a new era beginning.

OHNISHI  ───── Thank you. The issue of strength should be considered seriously but the issue will be resolved by deepening his experience. As Mr. YAMAMURA mentioned, he is a promising artist with many possibilities. I hope the issue of strength will be resolved.
Next, the work Ms. YAMADA has chosen.